FSA 870 Compact – The Classic

The FSA 870 Compact is used in the print finishing of folded boxes, for example in the Food area (chocolate, confectionery) or the Non-food area (cosmetics), as well as in the print finishing of printed matter (labels, book covers, greeting cards or magazines). The FSA 870 Compact is also the machine of choice for many companies in the Security industry. These Gietz machines have proved their worth over decades for the application of OVDs (Optical Variable Devices) on to banknotes, official documents and in the field of trademark protection.

Technical Specification FSA 870 Compact – The Classic
Max. Sheet Format: 870 x 560 mm
ESS Special Format: 870 x 600 mm
Min. Sheet Format: 280 x 210 mm
Material Thickness: max. 2 mm
min. approx. 70 g/m2
Max. Press Pressure: 150 t
Max. Speed: 6000 strokes/h
Foil Feeds: Longitudinal: 2 to 5
Transversal: 1 to 3
Max. Foil Webs: 6 (more on request)
Hologram controllers
  • Reliable, fast, precise
  • Short change-over times
  • Optimal sheet format
  • Longitudinal and transverse foil feed
  • Foil unwinding
  • Dwell time
  • OVD technology (holograms)
  • Core competence and service life
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Top products for professionals
Gietz FSA 870 Compact – The Classic