The Kluge EHF Series Press takes the standard EHD and raises it to the next level. A stronger main frame, stronger platen bolts and heavier side arms give the press greater impressional strength. Improved side arm design gives the press almost three times the preload pressure. These differences plus improved user-friendly modifications; make the EHF the new standard of the industry.

The EHF features speeds of up to 3,300 impressions per hour, the EHF can accommodate up to 17″x 24.75″ (431mm x 629mm) sheets, with up to 40 square inches of die area.

All Kluge presses can be supplied with the electrical specification of your country.

Technical Specification EHF
Max. Sheet Format: 431 x 628 mm
Min. Sheet Format: 101 x 127 mm
Max. Stamping Format: 356 x 559 mm
Max. Speed: 3300 strokes/h
Foil Feeds: up to 3
Hologram controllers
  • Hologram Registration Unit – Provides the technology for registering holograms on the EHF
  • Overdrive – The press’ ‘off-cycle’ time can be slowed down to the speeds required to accommodate large coverage jobs, without sacrificing productivity
  • Mechanical Jogger – Prevents a saw-toothed edge on your finished pack
  • Preload Magazine – Allows you to reload the press with new stock while the press is running
  • Filler Plate – Preserves the hot plate when die cutting
  • Wide Magazine Feeder – Increases the feeding capability of the EHD to 26 1/4″ wide sheets
  • Two-up Feeder – Allows the press to run Two-Up on certain jobs
  • Foil Detector – Stops the press when a roll of foil is empty
 Foil Stamping on Synthetic Leather  Diecutting Lock-Bottom Boxes
 Registered Hologram  CD sleeves foil stamping 2up
 EHF Foil Stamping & Embossing with Large Foil Coverage  Two-Up Feeding Playing Card Boxes