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The key properties of foil stamping are simple to identify: Time, Temperature and Tonnage. Until now, although simple to identify, those properties have been difficult to measure and control. Now, operators can use the ApexFoil’s Compass™ control system that includes patented features to control the “3-T’s” time, temperature and tonnage. Compass allows operators to greatly reduce and in some cases, eliminate make-ready on every job.

Dwell time, controlled heat and impressional strength are the core elements that make the Kluge ApexFoil™ Press the gold standard of the industry.

Technical Specification ApexFoil
Max. Sheet Format: 432 x 629 mm
Min. Sheet Format: 102 x 127 mm
Max. Stamping Format: 356 x 559 mm
Max. Speed: 3000 strokes/h
Foil Feeds: up to 3
Hologram controllers
  • The newly designed Compass™ Control System features a PLC touch-screen interface for easier operation, enhanced control, and easy to program foil advancing. Ultimately this design reduces or eliminates make-ready on most jobs, permits a wider range of applications, and over all makes the press Operator friendly.
  • Clearview interlocking safety guards with LED lighting, make it safe and convenient to access all operational points of the press.
  • A Delrin® surface provides a convenient resting space for the die mounting and diecutting chase.
  • Programmable foil system with touchscreen interface. Stepper motor drives can control motions to within .001”; this allows the unit to hold a tolerance as close as +/- .016” at the foil gap.
  • Air Controlled Foil Separators result in better foil transfer quality and allow for faster operating speeds.
  • 24/7 programmable heat controls with pre-heat capability allows press temperature to be ready as programmed which reduces set-up time.
  • Foil, Die and Make-ready alignment system making make-ready time faster and more accurate.
  • Light-weight die mounting plate; honeycomb design provides an infinite range of secure die mounting positions. Weighing only 14 lbs. this makes mounting the plate nearly effortless for the operator.
  • Missed sheet detector eliminates damaged dies and counter-dies.
  • Quick-set tool-less side guide adjustment change from LH to RH in seconds.
  • Micro-adjustable head-stop registration, assures accurate product registration and reduces set-up time.
  • A variable frequency drive offers more flexibility to address challenging jobs.
ApexFoil™ Automatic Platen Press Overview