This Direct Laser Engraver is specifically designed to serve printers in the label and security market. The rotaLEN can easily be integrated into the existing workflow and engraves images onto RotaMesh and RotaPlate screen material, in a one-step dry and fully digital process. With the shortest possible time-to-press and perfect reproducability, no remakes due to film or wash out issues, the rotaLEN allows an economical and cost effective screen making workflow.

The rotaLEN concept is based on SPGPrints´ applicational know-how over the past 30 years and enhances the Direct Laser Engraving process in the label industry.

Technical Specification RotaLEN
Laser: CO2 single beam
RotaMesh size: 10″ – 36″ x 1200 mm
RotaPlate size: 10″ – 25″ x 555 mm
Resolution Variable Up To: 4000 dpi
Application: RotaMesh, RotaPlate
  • no more film work required
  • complete digital workflow
  • 45 % less labour time
  • endless seamless production
  • excellent reproducibility
  • fewer production steps
  • chemical free imaging process
  • wet area substantially reduced
  • daylight process
  • highest security level
  • dust on emulsion surface not a problem
  • very short reaction time in artwork change
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