“True Colours” can be achieved markless with the IDS-3D

Our IDS-3D is the first “All-in-one” fully image based colour and register measuring and control system that also detects failure in print. It uses the information in the TIFF files as a reference to ensure absolute colour and register stability throughout the print run. ‘True Colours’ are now a reality.

The ultimate result realized by IDS-3D is reproduction of print with absolute colour and register stability in products independent of job, printing company or press at minimum waste and labour and maximum efficiency.

Technical Specification IDS-3D
Colours: CMYK / 2 x PMS only in colour bars
Accuracy CIELab colour value: 1 ΔE
Accuracy raster percentage: ± 1 %
Accuracy dot gain: ± 2 %
Accuracy K-value: ± 2 %
Accuracy Density: ± D0.02
Accuracy Colour register: ± 0.01 mm
QIPC Coldset – colour register, density and cut-off