The DG-35 counter pressure punching machine is the ideal solution for the finishing process of labels in the medium to large size range. In particularly proven for light, slippery and spongy plastic materials. Based on our vast experience with small-format machines (DG-20.M), the counter-pressure system has been further improved, so that large-formats, very complex shapes and the most difficult materials can be processed extremely efficiently and accurately.

The punched products leave the DG-35 as a perfect stack via an outlet conveyor belt, where easy removal is guaranteed. Depending on the requirements, the DG-35 can be combined with an automatic banding and/or with a conventional shrink-wrapping machine. The DG-35, equipped with an optional in-feed table for pre-cut stacks, can be set up in-line with an existing guillotine. Coupling to an ATLAS-40 (automatic strip-cutting machine) is also possible.

Due to the sometimes heavy weight of the punching tools which are used with this machine, the DG-35 is equipped with a special tool-changing system, which allows a very convenient and easy machine set-up.

Technical Specification DG-35.M
Min. Precut Label Size: 37 x 130 mm
Max. Precut Label Size: 245 x 357 mm
Min. Punched Label Size: 30 x 123 mm
Max. Punched Label Size: 238 x 350 mm
Stack Height Min./Max.: 45 / 105 mm
Min. Trim Per Side: 2.5 – 3.5 mm
Machine Strokes Per Minute: 5 – 7
  • Medium-sized to large-format in-mold labels
  • Sophisticated liquor labels
  • Heavily embossed products
  • Thin plastic foils
  • When top accuracy is required
  • For small to high volume production