Inkjet Printing Systems

 Resolution: 600 dpi (up to 6c)  Resolution: up to 720 dpi (1c)
 Print. Width: up to 108 mm  Print. Width: up to 210 mm
 Print. Speed: up to 40 m/min  Print. Speed: up to 60 m/min
 Resolution: 600 dpi (1c)  Resolution: 360 dpi (1c)
 Print. Width: up to 210 mm  Print. Width: 70 mm
 Print. Speed: 150 m/min  Print. Speed: 24 m/min

Curing Systems

Type: UV LED Type: UV Lamp
Cooling: Water / Air Curing: UV-A / UV-C
Power Output: up to 8 W/cm² Power Output: 240 W/cm
 Type: UV LED
 Cooling: Air
 Power Output: 1 W/cm²