PassPort 2

Passport machine for laminating of covers and/or chip-inlays

The PassPort 2 machine laminates covers and/or chip-inlays onto layers sewn by PassPort 1.
All passport machines by Kugler-Womako adhere to the strict quality guidelines of the ICAO and ISO for “Machine Readable Passports (MRP) and electronic passports.”

The passport machine PassPort 2 can be combined with the following Kugler-Womako machines:

  • Feeder for sewn layers
  • Seam gluing with cold glue
  • Feeding of cover material and/or chip-inlays
  • Laminating of cover material or chip-inlays
  • Pressing of layers
  • Delivery
  • Seam gluing with UV curable glue
  • Secondary feeding and secondary lamination station for additional lamination of chip-inlays, to get chip-inlay and cover onto sewn layer in one working step
  • Pile press
  • Chip verification with automatic rejection of defective chip-inlays (without interruption of the production process), marking rejects by labeling
  • Registration of Chip-UIDs used
  • Inline connection to PassPort 1 and PassPort 3