OmniFold 3000

The Kluge OmniFold 3000 Automatic Folding and Gluing System is a fully modular converting system designed to fulfill today’s need and grow with future demands of the commercial printer and packaging manufacturer.

Built to maximize converting capabilities while minimizing set-up time, the OmniFold includes features that bring productivity and reliability to a new level of expectation. These advancements are met with the quality you expect from Brandtjen & Kluge.

Technical Specification Technical Specification OmniFold 3000
Max. Sheet Format: 762 x 812 mm
Min. Sheet Format: 121 x 96 mm
Stock Range: 60 – 660 g/m²
Max. Speed: 450 fpm
  • Control Console and Docking Station – Includes touchscreen controls and Multi-Sheet Detector (MSD)
  • Modular Vacuum Feeder and Modular Friction Feeder – Mobile modules allow you to quickly change between vacuum and friction feeding. Self aligning feature minimizes changeover time.
  • Left (standard) and Right (optional) Registration – EXCLUSIVE FEATURE saves time and expands converting capabilities.
  • 3ft (IL-3), 6ft (IL-6) & 9ft (IL-9) Inline Unites – Add converting length with interchangeable units.
  • Bottom Bearing Bed Transports – Provides product control.
  • Flipgate – Provides a rotary-actuated cross fold.
  • Synchronous Belt Drives – Require minimal maintenance.
  • PATENTED Dual-Angle Buckle Folder – Produce faster, quality crossfolds on both heavy and lightweight stock.
  • Bump90- Rotates stock 90 degrees for folding and gluing.
  • Score-N-Convert Kit – Score and perforate inline.
  • Fold Hook Kit – For various auto-lock bottom applications
  • Tab Balster – For the conversion of interior glue flaps.
  • 6.5 inch, 18 inch, 33 inch and 36 inch Top Belt Drives – Provide product control.
  • Accordion Kit – Convert accordion folders and similar folds.
  • Stacker Unit – Compresses, counts & batches product.
  • Compression Stacker – Provides necessary time and compression for successful cold glue applications.
CartonsinMinutes OmniFold 3000 running a wallet
OmniFold 3000 with Bump 90 Gluer performing accordion folds