The DLX (Direct Laser eXposer) is a customized CTP solution for the dry offset industry. Its equipped with a multibeam lasersystem for ablating black mask materials. The DLX was born out of specific needs from our dry offset customers. These customers wanted an economical high quality solution for those cases where DLE plates were not required. Based on these demands and our long-term experience in this industry, we developed the DLX. The standard integrated inline exposure system is unique. Due to the parallelized UV-light, it brings higher quality and steeper shoulders, allowing cleaner printing results and larger tonal ranges compared to other UV exposing techniques. The system comes with SPGPrints unique software solution including our database driven on-the-fly RIP together with enhanced features, specially designed for the dry offset industry, such as “remove overlay“ and “frame-up“, in order to minimize colour contamination during printing.

Technical Specification DLX
Laser: IR Multibeam
Max. number of plates: 08 / 185 x 310 mm – DLX 71x
12 /  185 x 310 mm – DLX 72x
Resolution Variable Up To: 4000 dpi
Application: dry offset
  • Plug and Play
  • Inline UV LED exposure
  • Software workflow connection