PNTS-Series – Automatic Core Cutter

PNTS-Series – Automatic Core Cutter
Automated or manual core cutters for on-site core manufactoring.
Offers saving and on demand readiness for digital label production.

Automatic core cutter available in three versions with a maximum lengths of cores: 1000 mm (~39.4 in) 1600 mm (~63.0 in) and 2000 mm (~78.7 in) respectively.

PNTS Line are automatic core cutters providing high preci­sion feeding and cutting of cardboard cores at high speeds. Long experince in the manufacture of core cutters has resulted in the development of a unique product giving high priority to service friendliness and production speed.

The PNTS Line allows for high precision cutting of cardboard cores of optional lengths and sizes.
The switch-over from job to job is easily done within a few min­utes. The core cutter is operated by a user-friendly touch display with graphic symbols.

The PNTS models automatically adjust all machine operations to the selected core size and wall thickness.

Technical Specification PNTS Core Cutter
Max. Core Length: PNT200S: 2000 mm
PNT160S: 1600 mm
Max. Cutting Speed: Max. 40-70 cuttings / min
Cardboard Core Diameters: 12.7 mm (1”) – 152.4 mm (~6”)
Material Thickness: Max . 15 mm
  • User-friendly touch display with production and job setting information.
  • Automatic adjustment of machine operation to the selected core size and wall thickness.
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of the speed according to the core diameter.
  • Integrated ”support menu” and possibility of change of language.
  • Sensor making the initial cut unnecessary.
  • Software optimizing the cutting to reduce the amount of waste.
  • Error messages appear in clear text which allows for prompt fault-finding and correction.
  • Service friendly design requiring minimum maintenance.
  • Cutting of cores up to 152mm/6” in diameter and with a wall thickness of up to 15mm (subject to material and amount of glue in core).
  • Nylon or steel anvil
  • Operation in mm or inches.
  • Available in many local languages.
  • The PNT160S is available in a special version for cutting cardboard cores with interior
    diameters from 12.5 mm (1⁄2 in) to 25.4 mm (1 in).
  • Drive rollers of steel instead of rubber (longer life / can scratch core)
  • Dust exhaust system.
 PNT100S cutting  PNT100S adapchange
 PNT200S Core cutter  PNT100S core chnage
PNT160 Core cutter-heavy wall thickness core test  PNT Core cutter series 4-test of 76 mm core