FB 330

Hot stamping and embossing adds the final touch to labels. Gold or silver effects combined with embossing

The GM type HOTFB330 is a 30 ton precision stamping machine for production of high quality labels. The machine can be used for foil stamping, embossing or one pass foil & embossing.

The best way to impress consumers, is the right combination of quality and beauty, and this is where the FB330 flatbed hot stamp unit from Grafisk Maskinfabrik will help you out. The FB330 is an innovative unit that will give your labels an impressive and unique look-and-feel. On the matter of the quality of hot stamping, flatbed is the best choice, and on the matter of beauty, the FB330 can add intricate details of gold, silver or even holograms to your labels.

Furthermore, the FB330 is not a one-trick-pony, it will do both hot foil and cold embossing to serve all your needs. Advanced features such as foil saver, servo-register and electronic temperature control & BST web-guide comes as standard.

Technical Specification FB330
Max. Web Width: 330 mm
Min. Web Width: 100 mm
Stamping area: 304.8 x 330 mm
Max. Web Speed: 20 m/min
Foil feeds: up to 2 longitudinal

 New hotstamp 30 tons dual foil and embossing  Hotfoil stamping of labels