DC 330

In-line or off-line converting in a single unit

As digital label printing becomes increasingly widespread, label printing houses are realising the need for all-in-one digital printing systems that provide fully finished, value-added label solutions.Grafisk Maskinfabrik answers this need with the DC330 a complete converting and finishing unit created especially for use with digital label printing presses.The DC330 Converter can be set up as an in-line extension to a digital label printing system allowing the web to continue directly onto the converter from the digital printer. The DC330 Converter can also beused as an off-line converting and finishing unit for jobs from other digital presses or conventional presses.It even functions as a printing press for specialised value-added solutions.

The DC330 converter offers a wider range of extra options: Sheeting module, Stork RSI silk screen printing, semi-rotoray embossing, extra varnish stations, de-lam/re-lam option and more. Please refer to the detailed Station Description for further information.

Technical Specification DC330
Web Width 50 – 330 mm
Max. Web Speed: Semi-Rotary: 50 m/min
Full-Rotary:   72 m/min
Substrate Thicknesses: 50 – 200 g/m²
Max. Rewind Diameter: 500 mm
Max. Unwind Diameter: 700 mm
Die Plate Repeat Range: 50 mm – 558.8 mm
Flexo Repeat Range: 254 mm – 482.6 mm
Hot Foil Plate Size: 330 mm x 304.8 mm
Screen Frame Size: 660 mm x 500 mm

  • The Flexographic Station
  • Semi Rotary Hot Stamping Module
    Foil saver, build-in Gap master function. The module as well as a standalone solution can also be seen here.
  • Flatbed Screen Printing
    The module as well as a standalone solution can also be seen here.

  • The Lamination Station
    Laminate offers superior protection and can provide a food approved barrier.

  • Cold Foil Station
    A useful option for pharmaceutical cosmetic type of applications and applications that can not handle the heat from hot foil. Quality wise cold foil can not out perform hot foil but the costs are lower.
  • Semi Rotary Die Cutting
  • Slitting and Rewinding
    The converter offers a dual rewind spindle for the finished rolls of labels.

  • Differential spindel option
    Differential spindles can be used to rewind multiple rolls on one shaft. Difference in ink-layer does not matter as the rolls turn with individual speed.

  • Back scorer module
    For edge trimming the silicon carrier which can then be rewound with the waste matrix.
  • Drop In Laser Die Cut Module
    The Laser module can be retrofitted into the line after installation. The module as well as a standalone solution can also be seen here.
  • Embossing Station
  • Fully graphical touch screen
  • Full Rotary Screen Printing

Buffer for 3 minutes of operation (48 meters of storage)
• RL14 roll lifter
• Lamination station
• Spot varnish (Servo registration system for spot varnish / glue / cold foil including roller)
• Sleeve 10” – 19” for Flexo station
• Splice table
• Back scoring module (easy waste matrix pickup)
• Waste compression roller
• Extra rewind spindle
• Ink pump
• Hot air dryer (11.6 KW)
• External 1000mm / 200kg jumbo unwind
• Shear knife station with 3 knives (replaces crush knife station)
• Extra Flexo varnish with UV system
• Extra full-rotary die station (for die cut or embossing)
• Extra semi-rotary die station (for die cut or embossing)
• Semi-rotary hot fail station with foil saver / oil heater / independent station (GS-GabMaster)
• 25” die instead of the standard 15” die
• Corona treater
• GabMaster PLUS
• Conveyer system for sheet die cutting
• Small external conveyer
• Stacker for conveyer
• Stork RSI silk screen with register system. (This includes a GEW UV lamp)
• Sheet output module
• Stacker
• Extra die station